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    You are your most beautiful when you are you 🤗

    Welcome to Minded Spirit, our magical home for anyone looking to spread good vibes, and lead a happier life!
    Keep reading below to learn more about us.

    Stepping into the world of crystals for the first time can be somewhat daunting. Choosing the right crystal for the right purpose, the correct state of mind, and the right spirit... Where do you begin?

    That is why we put great emphasis on the “how to’s” of crystal healing and mindful being.

    A Touch of Energy

    The connection between body and spirit is no longer up for debate. We know that our state of mind effects our physical body in profound ways. Feeling anxious? A stomachache may soon appear. Going through the end of a meaningful relationship? Chest pain could be in your very near future. We are what we absorb and put out into this world.

    Crystals play a very real role in mindful healing, improving your everyday life by releasing their innate power, helping you direct the right energy towards fixing the right problem. But we have to warn you… If you think that just having a crystal nearby is going to change your life completely - you will undoubtedly wind up disappointed.

    Crystals are a device for self-improvement, a tool to empower yourself and create the change you need in life. The real magic comes from inside you. Without setting the right intentions behind your crystals, without continuous self-improvement, you will not reach far.

    For those of you looking for improvement and empowerment, for those of you seeking change, we invite you to open up to the incredible world of crystal healing and minded living. Let this powerful energy in and allow it to be your partner on this wonderful journey. Helping you get to where you want to go.  

    Thank you for sharing this moment with us and allowing us to walk this path along side you. We wish you all the best and are always present to guide you through your crystal journey.


    Peace, love, and happiness ✌️