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    5 Powerful Crystals & Affirmations to Attract Wealth In 2022

    "If you need to make more money, make sure you've got the right crystals".


    First, let’s get something out in the open. Crystals won’t make money alone, that’s not how they work (we wish). But many experts agree that these stones will help you manifest your goals and invite wealth in your life.

    By dedication, perusing your dreams, and setting the right intentions, you can manifest anything in your life. Including money and wealth. Having the right crystals at your side reminds you to stay the course and achieve your goals.

    So without further ado, here are 5 crystals you can use today for setting the right intention and generating the wealth you desire.


    1. Citrine


    People obsessed with wealth make this golden beauty a cornerstone in their path to riches. Citrine is a type of quartz crystal known for increasing wealth and abundance. It connects to the Solar Plexus chakra which is located in the pit of your stomach and controls self-worth. Citrine can enhance your confidence, willpower, luck, and abundance, fostering positive change and growth in your life.

    Attach a strong affirmation to match your stone: “I am confident in my ability to succeed”.

    Wear a Citrine bracelet on your right wrist to have the stone near you at all times.


    2. Amethyst

    The stone of peace and tranquility, Amethyst can play a critical role in freeing you from financial stress. This mesmerizing purple stone acts as a natural tranquilizer. Soothing your mind and making it possible to make important financial decisions with a clear mind. Connecting with the Crown chakra, Amethyst will invite you to access higher forms of guidance, helping you navigate the physical world with more confidence and personal strength than you ever thought possible.

    Affirmation: “Financial well-being is my new reality”.

    Check out these powerful Amethyst items and start manifesting your dreams.


    3. Malachite

    It is said that to change your luck you need to change your outlook. Malachite, the stone of change, has been in use for centuries by traveling merchants to change their luck and secure abundance. This stunning emerald-hued stone will fill you with strength and courage and help you see your path to financial freedom. Wearing Malachite or placing a Malachite pyramid around your home or workspace will remind you that wealth is yours if you wish it, changing your relationship with money forever.

    Affirmation: "I shatter the glass-ceilings of my life and soar higher than ever before".


    4. Clear Quartz

    Stressing over your financial future is one of the worst feelings in the world. And it’s a feeling you need to heal if you wish to move forward and create a more abundant life for yourself. This crystal clears the mental clutter that is blocking you and helps you concentrate on your true intentions. Healing your energetic vibe and making it easier to focus on your financial goals and intentions.   

    Affirmation: “My current circumstances are just an opportunity for me to grow”. 

    Clear quartz is a natural energetic amplifier, it will attract the energy you put into it.


    5. Tiger's Eye

    Considered to be one of the strongest good luck stones, Tiger’s Eye brut energetic force will draw you in and fill you with strength, determination, and confidence. This crystal is ideal for entrepreneurs and those of us setting out on major career changes. It’s energetic vibration will attract prosperity and help you follow your drams. Carry it with you to harness the powers of the universe and help you achieve your financial desire.

    Affirmation: “I am confident in my ability to reach my highest potential”.

    Tiger's Eye is a powerful crystal to wear or place around your home. Use it to manifest your aspiration for a higher income and a financially sound future.


    The Bottom Line

    Creating a plentiful life for yourself is possible if you set your mind to it and practice some of the affirmations along with the crystals suggested above. Be patient and continue to charge yourself with positive energy, day after day.

    Don’t limit yourself when choosing the right affirmation, look into your soul and focus on the things that will make you happy.

    Remember that wealth comes in many different forms. But you have to actively invite it into your life. Make the choice today to start your journey towards a happier, more fulfilled life and enjoy all its benefits.