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    7 Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Crystals


    "Imagine giving the gift of balance and well-being, inviting those you love into a world of deep soulful healing and calm. That is the joy that comes with sharing crystal gifts with the people you love". 


    Crystal gifts are powerful tools for connectivity and healing. When giving someone a crystal as a gift you amplify its healing energy by attaching your love and care to it. Transferring it onto the person receiving your gift. Making it a powerful moment for both the giver and the receiver.

    Here are some of the best crystal gift ideas from our collections to help you bring a little more sparkle and spirituality into the lives of those you love. 


    1. Calming Spirit Amethyst Bangle



    Amethyst is a protective stone that helps to relieve stress and anxiety in your life. It's purple color soothes the spirit and makes it possible to stop and appreciate the wonderful things that make your life special. Our Calming Spirit Amethyst Bangle gets you in touch with your higher spirit and calls in an instant calm. 

    Check out other stone designs in our New Arrivals section. 


    2. Emotional Recharge Citrine Bangle



    If you ever feel a little down and out, no strength, emotionally drained. You may just need a break and a recharge. This Emotional Recharge Citrine Bangle is both beautiful and powerful, Citrine gets its strength from the biggest energy source we've got, our sun! It fills you up with warm caressing energy and gives you strength to take on any challenge. 


    3. Crystal Pyramids



    These beautiful pieces of handmade art emit a strong energetic vibe. These pyramids make use of raw crystals and metal shavings encapsulated in a natural resin pyramid. Their energetic vibration makes them the perfect piece to place in your home or workspace for enhanced protection against negative energy. They can also serve as a good luck charm for amplified chances of success, finding love, and preserving relationships. 


    4. Mother's Heart Rose Quartz Mala



    This special handcrafted mala is made with mothers in mind, made with pure Rose Quartz, a stone of love and compassion. Rose Quartz has been in use as a guiding stone for mothers both new and old throughout the centuries. Its powerful feminine presence creates a protective energetic shell around mother and child and allows for the free flow of love between one and the other. 

    Visit our Mala collection page for more 


    5. Seven Chakras Balance Bracelet



    Help your loved ones find their inner peace and harmony with this 7 Chakras Balance Bracelet. Balancing is a major part of crystal culture, a balanced life is considered purer and healthier, too much of anything is usually not good for us. Keeping your chakras balanced and in check will have a profound effect on your overall well-being. 


    6. Tiger's Eye Necklace



    Tiger's Eye is one of the strongest protective crystals out there. It is said that nothing can harm the wearer of Tiger's Eye, negative energies stay away from this fierce stone as it creates a negativity shield around its wearer. This Tiger's Eye Protection Necklace brut energetic force will draw you in and fill you with strength, determination, and confidence. Helping you achieve any goal you set your hart on.


    7. Triple Protection Strength Bracelet



    Three powerful protection stones combine into one bracelet with our Triple Protection Strength Bracelet. Made with natural Obsidian, Hematite, and Tiger's Eye, it activates your inner strength and prevents negative energy from forming around you. A perfect gift for men or women who feel emotionally exposed and wish to harness the protective powers of crystals. 


    In Conclusion


    Crystal gifts can be some of the most meaningful gifts you've ever given (or received). They symbolize a caring bond between giver and receiver and a true wish of well-being. 

    Hopefully this list gives you a few new ideas and points you in the right direction. We're sure that your sister, aunt, girlfriend, mom, daughter or niece will thank you!